Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I know this seems like it has come out of nowhere for some of you, so I have decided to start this blog to fill you in on the details of my decision to work in Antarctica and to keep everyone posted on my status (hopefully it won't be frozen!).

It all started out a long time ago with a dream of setting foot on every continent. I remember Africa was my first step when I went away to study wildlife management in Kenya for 6 weeks. The traveling bug bit me and I couldn't wait to explore our blue marble. I remember hearing about jobs on Antarctica where you could work there for 3months during their summer months. Back then the pay was good...not so much the case now. I have thought about going over the years, but let go of that dream as I was in relationships and obligations.

Recently, my life has become all my own, once again, and I had to ask myself what do "I" want out of my life for "me". The answer was "I don't know". I think I started to lose focus on what I wanted out of life and started to run on cruise control; same job, same places, same home... It was comfortable, but there was something missing. Then, God started throwing things in my path to make me remember who I was. I kept meeting, randomly, people that had worked in Antarctica! Really, how many people work there? Less than 1% of the population, and I was meeting them. I decided to apply (after all, so many people apply and get turned down). I sent my application in and the recruiter called me back to let me know that I may want to cater my resume to what the agency was looking for...environmental maintenance (a.k.a. custodial work). She was a lovely woman and we talked on the phone for a half an hour.

Things go really busy at work for a couple of weeks. I was thinking to myself that I had to resend my resume or I was going to let go of a dream, and this was really my last chance. The day I was going to sit down and revamp was the day that Nana services called me to set up an interview. I interviewed with them and a few days later I found out I got the job! So I am going to take a needed sabbatical from teaching and adventure to a new place to work hard with a whole bunch of other travelers that have similar goals as me and find myself once again.

Now...I just need to figure out all the details! I will keep you posted!